Don’t just sell your car – ‘Weelee it!’

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Our Weelee brand is fast becoming a household name –  whether you are looking to sell a car or simply recommending our platform. As one of the fastest-growing online platforms, our backstory is simple – much like our online process – and it’s the reason our fan club is growing and our customer testimonials border on gushing. So, if you are looking to sell your car, we suggest you ‘Weelee it.’ 

The vision behind our unique position and niche offering as an online car selling platform comes down to two major players – you, as the seller, and quality dealers – a winning combination when you sell your car. (There is not a parking lot, a back window ’for sale’ sign, a scammer, or a dodgy private buyer in sight!)

Our Weelee magic formula – ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ – is a combination of logic and a shrewd pragmatic business strategy. (Check out what we have in common with Steve Jobs!). And our thousands of satisfied customers are happy to recommend the Weelee brand if you need to sell your car online.  

So what was the brainchild behind our growing online car selling platform? It was finding a gap in the market and optimising the process between dealer and seller, guaranteeing the best cash price for your car and ensuring the entire process is quick, safe, simple, hassle-free and obligation-free. 

It’s all about promises, and we proudly deliver on ours:

#1 We are all about simplicity

Simplicity is at the core of the Weelee online process. Our simple and user-friendly 3-step car selling process shouts convenience, and that is what you are looking for when you choose to sell your car online. The fact that you can do all this from a hammock on the beach, or while sitting in your favourite coffee shop, has our customers and fans completely won over!

#2 We are all about the best cash price

Let’s not beat about the bush – when you are selling your second-hand car, you are wanting the best price you can get. We get that! And this is where we stand head and shoulders above the rest. Our secret ingredient is thousands of car industry expertspre-approved, reputable and vetted dealers – who are waiting to bid on your car. This gives you fair access to a wide range of dealers (and offers), removing market impediments and making the entire process competitive, and weighted in your favour.  

#3 We are all about you being in control

Being in the driver’s seat when you sell your beloved pre-owned vehicle is another selling point integral to our Weelee philosophy. From start to finish, the entire process is obligation-free and risk-free – there is no pressure on you to accept an offer once the bidding process has begun. (Who doesn’t like a free ride?)

#4 We are all about peace of mind

Safety and security are paramount on any online platform when you sell your car. One of our top priorities is valuing and respecting your privacy. So, powered by the latest safety technology, your car’s number plate and your personal information and identity are kept anonymous and secure on the website, only to be disclosed to the buyer whose offer you decide to accept. 

#5 We are all about you

At Weelee – you are #1, and as the people’s champion, we are there for you from start to finish. Our core values include open and transparent communication with a team who is ready to address any of your concerns. Thousands of satisfied customer testimonials endorse our Weelee reputation and have enjoyed our online ride when selling their cars. 

That leaves us with nothing more to say except, ‘Don’t just sell your car, Weelee it!

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