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Sell your car online
South Africans love cars – whether we can afford them or not. We love talking about them, comparing them, dreaming about them and searching for them online. The analytics indicate that our choices are as varied as our rainbow nation’s identity. When it comes to online searches, BMW tops the charts as being the most-searched-for brand, with the Toyota Hilux being the most-searched-for model and the Volkswagen Golf GTI the most-searched-for variant. So, if you are looking to sell your car online, it is worth noting what buyers and dealers are looking for. 

When the rubber hits the road, and you are looking to sell your car online, you are more likely to get the best cash price on our Weelee platform if you own one of South Africa’s most popular and well-loved vehicles.

Our pre-approved dealers are waiting to bid on your car when you choose to sell your car on our online platform, and the more popular the car, the higher the bids are likely to go, and the more money in your pocket – thanks to Weelee’s safe and hassle-free formula. 

A love affair with Bakkies

The South African love affair with the iconic Bakkie – be that single or double cabs – just keeps on growing.

But we are sure you are dying to know which of the range of bakkies is taking the top car selling spot. (Drum roll please). Yes, you guessed it, the award, once again, goes to the Toyota Hilux! With its reliability, attention to detail and competent engineering, its SA fan club is huge.

But our South Africa Bakkie culture is more than just the Toyota Hilux. Close on its wheels is the Isuzu D-Max and the Ford Ranger. Isuzu has always understood bakkies and wins on price, durability, reputation and being able to rough it. The powerful and sturdy Ford Ranger is known for its rugged good looks, passenger comfort and fuel efficiency. If you are looking to sell your bakkie online, Weelee sells your car for the best cash price. 

A love affair with Passenger Cars

Passenger cars are the people’s cars – from SUV’s and small hatchbacks to every sedan in between.

Here Volkswagen steps up to the podium with their Polo Hatchback, Polo Vivo, Polo Sedan and T-cross all taking a bow. 

There are many reasons the sporty and striking Polo models are so popular for multiple generations, but reliability, great interiors, good fuel economy, and generous rear space are just for starters. If you own one of these good lookers and are looking to sell yours online, be assured that their popularity will guarantee you an excellent resale price.

Hyundai comes in close behind with its Grand i10, i20 and Tucson with the Suzuki S-Presso and the Renault Kwid also making welcome appearances. But let’s shine the spotlight on the cool budget-friendly S-Presso for a second. Firstly, we just love its name, and if you own one it will be a conversation starter. Secondly, it comes in gorgeous funky colours – Fire Red, Starry Blue and Sizzle Orange. Then there’s the nifty storage compartments, the reverse camera, the safety features and the fuel efficiency, etc etc etc. 

If you are looking to sell your S-Presso, Kwid, 110 or i20, online, don’t delay – our reputable dealers will be rushing to bid on it. 

A love affair with Weelee

The people of South Africa are loving Weelee. Our fan club – in Joburg and Cape Town – is growing by the day, thanks to our quick, safe and hassle-free process, and niche offering when you need to sell your car online. Follow our top 5 tips for getting your car ready and then sit back and wait for the offers to come in from our pre-approved dealers.

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