Sell your Bakkie for the best Cash Price in SA

You’ve driven the hard yards, consistently gotten the farm work done, and transported every ‘Tannie and her Hond’ to town. It’s always better to have a bakkie! But eventually, the time comes to part with your trusty four-wheel drive and upgrade to a bigger and better monster. Top of your agenda is figuring out how to sell your bakkie for the best cash price in SA. So you start searching “We buy Bakkies.”

At Weelee, our Blog serves the purpose of informing vehicle owners on best practices for selling their used vehicles. In a previous article, we highlighted the importance of taking photos that stand out. Bakkies are much loved and are entrenched in South African culture. They are also a mainstay of rural and construction work in the country. In recent times, this has extended to a strong increase in lifestyle bakkies in urban areas for all walks of life. With a burgeoning market, there has never been a better time to sell your used bakkie and get the price you deserve. So, of course, you want to find the best buyer for your trusted Bakkie as not everyone will promise you the best price when they advertise “We buy Bakkies.”

When you Weelee your Bakkie, you can rest assured you will get the best cash price, thanks to our innovative car selling platform.

Single- or Double-Cab options = Customers galore

The unending challenge of maintaining South Africa’s vast network of tarred and dirt roads means there will be a constant demand for tough, reliable Bakkies. The agricultural sector is also a champion in the demand for second-hand Bakkies. Farmers tend to invest in single cab bakkies, while double-cab bakkies are increasingly being bought as family vehicles. In order to sell your bakkie for the best cash price and reach a nationwide market, the ideal platform is online as that is where dealers and consumers are searching. At Weelee, we have 1000’s of preapproved dealers whose daily mantra is, “We buy Bakkies” and who are ready to bid for yours.

Sell your Bakkie online = Stretch your market and your final price

Remember the days when you advertised your used Bakkie in the Classifieds section of the newspaper? Crunching your Ad text because you were being charged ‘per word’. The internet has changed everything – you can now post your used bakkie ad online to a nationwide audience over your lunch break! Naturally, this results in a saturated market. Consumer behaviour will boil down to the quality and authenticity of your used bakkie ad. When advertising, your Bakkie needs to stand out from the rest. So you can capture their attention. If you are selling your first used bakkie and not sure where to start, our recent article on successfully selling your used car online in SA equally applies to selling bakkies and light commercial vehicles.

Weelee it!

Weelee is a gamechanger in the competitive and fast-paced online used car market.

Do we buy bakkies?

We don’t, but our 1000’s of vetted and reputable dealers do! Our platform has created an online space where the general public has a quick, safe and easy way to sell their used car or bakkie for the best cash price. Rather than offering your used car to all and sundry, we have carefully assembled a pool of registered car dealers, who will big on your Bakkie, giving it the exposure and competitive edge it deserves. With no time-wasters, no registration costs and no obligation to accept the highest price offered, there’s really NO reason why you should sell your used bakkie or car anywhere else. Don’t just sell it, Weelee it!

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