“Sell my car or bakkie online?” At Weelee it’s the way selling should be!

Sell my car online
If you are researching the various options of selling your second-hand vehicle, then your Google search queries will inundate you with online and offline options. In fact, if you type “sell my car online South Africa” in the search box, there are 110,000,000 results! So we’re here to simplify your research and your life. “Why should I sell my car or bakkie online?”  For us, the answer is obvious – an innovative online car selling platform ticks three important boxes: reach, convenience and price. 

We’re assuming you are conscientious and have done your homework. (Because when you tell family, friends and colleagues, “I’m looking to sell my car online,” the barrage of opinions and stories can be just as overwhelming as a Google search!) 

But the exercise is not wasted, as you will quickly realise that not all online platforms are created equal. Take a little time to see why Weelee is the way selling should be and the better way to sell your car.

Our innovative platform certainly ranks high in ticking your 3 ‘need’ boxes. 

#1 “When I sell my car I need access to a large pool of buyers.”

We completely agree. ‘Weeleeing it’ is the better way to sell your used car because our buyers are 1000s of pre-approved and reputable dealers.  When you choose to sell your car on our online platform, our 1000s of dealers (aka industry experts) are waiting to bid on your car over a 24-hour period. And as you watch the bids come in, you get to decide which bid to accept. It is a thrill ride and it’s the way selling should be!


#2 “When I sell my car I need convenience.”

People want convenience – it is the reason online shopping, frozen meals and fast-food drive-thru chains are such phenomenal successes. And selling your car or bakkie online should certainly be convenient. It’s all about saving time and not having to navigate the potential risks and inconvenience of selling your car privately.

Let’s outline 3 obvious conveniences:

  • You can sell your car anytime from anywhere if you have access to the internet. (We even have a blog with that title – it’s worth a read).
  • Our online platform gets you immediate access to those 1000s of potential buyers.
  • We have simplified our online process to 3 easy steps with a clear explanation of what each step involves as well as a professional and friendly online team that will stay in contact with you throughout the process. 


#3 “When I sell my car I need the best cash price”

Of course you do! And getting you the best deal possible when you sell your car or bakkie is the air we breathe; it’s the reason we exist. This is where the rubber hits the road with online car selling platforms. Most websites will not give you access to a large pool of buyers, and you are likely to only get 1 offer and that could take days or weeks. (That also doesn’t tick the convenience box). 

At Weelee, you really are in a unique position to get competitive offers (over 24 hours) thanks to our 1000s of vetted Weelee dealers who are in competition for your car. It’s all about taking “selling my car online” to the next level and ensuring you get the best cash price. 

Selling your car (or bakkie) online should always be safe, simple, smart and rewarding. And that is what you will get when you Weelee it! 
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