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Have you ever watched a Formula 1 race and asked yourself, “What really is the difference between all these supercharged racing cars beneath the bonnet? “ Fair enough, superior handling skills may be the driving force behind a podium finish and a pitstop retirement, but in order to get a concrete answer, we sometimes need to ask seemingly silly but obvious questions. The same principle applies when selling your car and ensuring that you have completed all the cross-checks before putting your used vehicle up for sale on the online marketplace. 

In a previous blog, we shared the answers to some of our customers’ burning questions in preparation for selling their cars on our platform. In this article, we expand on our ever-growing list of FAQs to further put your mind at ease, allowing you to confidently sell your car for the best cash price. 

Are there platforms for selling your car without paying a commission?

Not a silly question at all! In fact, we argue that you should always be able to sell your car for free, no matter what method or platform you use to advertise and sell your second-hand vehicle. Unless you have explicitly agreed on a private seller or dealer selling your car, at an agreed commission rate, there should be no additional costs or obligations attached to your transaction. Find out more about Weelee giving you a free ride.

When selling your car, how can you determine its current value?

Unless you work in the auto industry, this is a difficult question to answer. Luckily, there are a number of options available to you to help you calculate the current value of your used vehicle. It also helps to have a realistic market value for your specific vehicle and not be disappointed later when perceived ‘lowball’ prices are offered for your car. Below are a number of methods you can take advantage of to calculate your vehicle’s current value. 

  • Upload your car’s details on an online platform such as
  • Take your vehicle to a dealership for a thorough assessment.
  • Compare market-related and retail prices and understand the extra effort required to attain the higher value.
  • Search online for the current asking prices of your vehicle’s make and model.
  • Use a free online book value evaluation calculator.

Who can sell your car?

You have a number of options to choose from: you may want to facilitate a private sale, trade in your used car for a newer model, or task a dealership with the process of selling your car on your behalf. In recent times, however, selling your used vehicle through an online car sales platform has emerged as the most efficient and secure method. Please bear in mind though that not all online car platforms are deemed fully trustworthy! Weelee’s online platform is fully secure and keeps your personal details safe – only allowing pre-approved, reputable car dealers to bid for your car. 

Before you decide whether to sell directly or allow a third party to sell on your behalf, we encourage you to weigh up the various options based on convenience, security and privacy, and the best price offered. 

Where can I sell my bakkie for the most money?

Bakkies are a national treasure in South Africa and certainly worthy of specific mention. Depending on the wear or tear that your bakkie has been through, or alternatively, the modifications you have made to your trusted four-wheel drive, a reputable online platform of pre-approved dealers and bakkie experts is, hands down, the best method to use when parting ways with your old, reliable workhorse. Discover how Weelee allows you to sell your Bakkie for the best Cash Price in SA.

Weelee – Selling your Car while having all your questions answered

At Weelee, we believe that no question is a silly question. We’ve helped thousands of South Africans sell their used vehicles and bakkies safely and securely, and we respect the fact that no two transactions are ever the same. If you still feel that we haven’t answered all your burning questions, reach out and get in touch with us. 

Questions aside, there’s only one thing left for you to do. Log in and let us sell your car for the best cash price today.
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