Want to Sell your Car? Required Reading for the Lockdown!

sell your car
Whether you have been considering selling your car for some time now, or whether coronavirus-related financial pressures have suddenly forced you to think about downscaling, you need to know the best way to sell your car (and, in this climate, for the very best price you can get!). Because we’re all in a national lockdown, we’ve compiled a reading list to help you beat the boredom. You could find that Weelee may just be your answer…

Not sure where to start? We’ve broken it down to make it easy for you. Just curl up with a blanket, some delicious coffee, your digital device – and start reading! Get ready to sell your car!

Reading for Busy Moms

A mom’s life is frantic and full of frenzy. With everything on your plate, added to the worry of caring for the wellbeing and safety of your kids, the very thought of selling your car is one extra thing you can’t worry about right now! Right? Wrong. With Weelee, it’s one LESS thing to worry about! Plus, in your daily run-around, we make sure that the best place to sell your car is wherever you are!

Reading for Changing Families!

Despite all the changes happening in the world, some things never change: people still fall in love, get married, and have babies – and those babies keep growing up! To accommodate your growing family, you may need to sell your car and upsize! Or, your family could be changing in the opposite direction. Those little kids grew and grew and are suddenly out of the house – and you no longer have need of that minivan anymore! If it’s time to downsize, Weelee is here to help.

Reading for World Travellers!

You may not be able to get on a plane right now, so we’re sorry if this one is a sore point! But if you’re planning adventures or relocating to other parts of the world, Weelee is the Proudly South African Option to help you sell your car! Saying goodbye to your fellow South Africans may be hard, but we will help you say goodbye to your car. (We also love travelling, which is why we recently extended our wings to Cape Town so that the Mother City can experience the Weelee difference too!)

Reading for Businesspeople!

You hustle in the business leagues, and when it comes to financial decisions, you want to make concrete decisions in an objective businesslike manner. Selling your car for the best price is just plain good business sense. So take a seat in our virtual boardroom and meet Weelee. With no fuss, you’ll find out exactly who we are and why you’ll get the best price from us. If you’re interested in our business practice, find out what we have in common with the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs.  We’ll also introduce you to the middle man (our pre-approved, reputable car dealers) and why they will be your best friend in the business.

Reading for Fun-Lovers!

Maybe you’re a whimsical kind of person who enjoys life and you ‘just wanna have fun!’ You’re in lockdown, so you can do whatever you want (from home). Why not pretend it’s Christmas and unbox the Weelee gift? It may not be December, but ‘tis (still) the season to sell your car. (No-one is stopping you from setting up that tree, either!). Plus, we’ve got a little magic for you: read about the ‘Weelee Magic Formula’ and how your car will be here today, gone tomorrow!

Everyone – Sell Your Car!

In the end, it doesn’t matter who you are or where you are, what you do or where you’ve come from. If you want to sell your car, Weelee is the answer for the entire Rainbow nation of South Africa. Whatever your story, Weelee welcomes you.

Weelee is the online car selling solution for all South Africans. Upload your details onto our safe and secure website and our reputable, pre-approved dealers will bid higher and higher for your car – ensuring you get the best price. Your details are only disclosed to the buyer you choose, making it completely obligation-free with no hidden costs.

Get in touch with us and sell your car today.

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