Time To Sell Your Car? 5 Tips To Get Your Car Ready

Sell you car
In the situation we are currently facing, the reality is your car ‘ain’t going nowhere!’  While you face lockdown in your house, your car faces ‘lockdown’ in the garage or under the carport. But that doesn’t change the fact that you are looking to sell your car. Now is obviously not the time. But – before you get disheartened – now is the perfect time to brush up on your preparation for when you will be able to sell your car, ensuring that your car will be ready to sell after lockdown. 

The second-hand car market is a dynamic one and there are multiple reasons why you may want to sell your car. There is, however, one question that is foremost in your mind when it comes to saying goodbye to your car ‘How do I get the most bang for my buck?’ Or in this case, ‘How do I get the most cash for my car?’

The simple answer is: ‘Sell your car with Weelee.’ 

But, while the process is simple, there are a few things you can do to ensure you maximize the value of your vehicle before it makes it to Weelee’s online platform.

And now that you have some extra time at home, why not use it to go through our checklist to spiff up your ride and get your car ready for the sale of its life? 

#1 A little facelift

Do an inventory of your car’s needs. Your car might be getting on in years, but there are a few things you can do to take years off its life. Check that the windscreen wipers are in good working order, that the indicator lights are doing what they need to do and that no light bulbs are fused. These are simple and inexpensive fixes. Make a list and, as soon as you can after lockdown, do these basic repairs before you sell your car. 

#2 A bit of spit and polish

Probably a no-brainer when it comes to selling you car – but still worth a mention. Giving your car a good wash and wax – inside and out – will do wonders for its online presence. Clear the clutter, vacuum, and wipe away grime from the engine. It’s all about the packaging. Why not get the kids involved (you might have to bribe them), and make this a family outdoor lockdown memory? Make sure to Instagram the action. #lockdownfamilycarwash

#3 Hey good lookin’!

Your car is now ready for its photo shoot! When you sell your car online, you want your photos to stand out among its competition, and good photographs are the key. This will increase your odds of attracting buyers. 

  • Time of day: Bright sunlight is not the greatest for photographing your car – it will look washed out and harsh. Early morning and late afternoon, when the sunlight is softer and gentler, will show off your car in its best light. 
  • Right angles: Unlike photographing people, every angle is the right angle. Buyers want details, so shoot your car at all angles. Fill the frame, or crop afterwards. 
  • Background: You are looking to sell your car, not the pile of junk in the backyard that you have not yet dropped off at the dump! Make sure the background is neutral (at least) or even a feature. Perhaps use selective focus to make sure the background fades away.
  • Best bits: Take close-ups of some of your car’s coolest features, which will set your car apart to the buyer. Navigation system? Leather seats? Sound system? Cool mags? Get them all on camera! 
  • Use your phone: Do not use a professional photographer to take your photos as they come off looking like generic stock photos and buyers will not trust you. Also, from your phone, the photos are ready to upload directly to Weelee’s online platform when it comes time to sell your car. 

#4 Do your homework

While you are on lockdown and have some extra time to scroll – use that time to ascertain the resale range of your pre-owned car, so you know what a realistic selling point for your car will be. 

#5 Paper trail

Always be honest about your car’s condition. Misleading a buyer is likely to result in you losing money when you sell your car.

At the end of the day, no matter how good looking your car may be, it could all come down to your record keeping. Make sure all your car’s service records, repair receipts and documentation are available and up to date. Any buyer will require these. So while on lockdown, go through all that paperwork. 

Weelee while you wait

Weelee is ready and waiting for you to sell your car. As South Africa’s fastest-growing online vehicle sales platform, our phones are still ringing and we are still answering. Our pre-approved dealers are ready to bid on your car and collect after lockdown. So use the time to get your car ready and spend time perusing our online platform, reading our customer testimonials and familiarizing yourself with how Weelee works and why Weelee is the best place to guarantee you get the best cash for your car. 

Contact us if you have any other queries. 

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