Sell Your Car: It’s time to Downsize!

Sell Your Car: It’s time to Downsize
Is bigger always better? When it comes to buying a car, not necessarily. Now before you storm out of this virtual room, we know that there are many reasons why it could be time to upsize your car (we even wrote a blog for you!). But, if not, you may be in the other group – those who need to consider downsizing. Perhaps your children have emigrated (we wrote a blog for them too!). In your case, a bigger car no longer makes sense.  

But, there are other reasons why it makes sense to sell your car and downsize. You’re not convinced?

Here are 5 benefits to exchanging your sedan for a Fiat 500.

#1 You’ll Save Money

It’s simple arithmetic. Sell your car (the big, impressive one) for more; buy a new one (the cute, small one) for less. With more money in your pocket, you can save it, spend it, or visit your children in Canada. Every penny counts! Plus, when you stop to fill up at the service station for the first time, you’ll notice a significantly lower amount on the card machine. Sell your car and downsize – the money will keep saving itself!

#2 You’ll Save Maintenance Costs

When you sell your car for a smaller ride, you will save on maintenance costs. Insurance is usually much lower on a smaller car. And Tyre costs? You guessed it. Smaller tyres equal cheaper tyres! A small car is a gift that keeps on giving.

 #3 You’ll Save the Planet

If personal financial saving isn’t enough to persuade you, think about the environment. A smaller vehicle helps you reduce your carbon footprint – one efficient engine at a time. At Weelee, we do love going GREEN, so why not go Green with us? We’ll even help you sell your car.

#4 You’ll Enhance Your Driving

In a smaller car, you’ll find it easier to park in small spaces – a real perk if you live in the city! Plus, small cars are nifty to drive. Here’s to many miles of navigating through traffic like a boss!

#5 You’ll Be Stylish

Maybe you’ve been thinking, But bigger LOOKS better! Let’s bust that myth, shall we? Small cars are stylish, cute, and snazzy. Show up in your new Fiat 500 and you’ll own the retro-chic style. Or look fast and furious in your Ford Fiesta! All you need to do is sell your car – the one with the far-too-responsible ‘DAD’ boot – and get with the trends!

If we’ve convinced you that downsizing is the way to go, we wish you a very happy ride! We can’t help you buy that smaller new car (that choice is all yours!), but we can certainly help you sell your bigger car

Weelee is a safe and secure online platform where you can sell your car, quick and hassle-free. Simply upload your vehicle’s details on our website and our reputable pre-approved car dealers will bid higher and higher for your car. You’ll get the best price, risk and obligation-free. You’re a lot closer to downsizing than you think!

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