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FAQs - Selling my used car online
Selling your used car is a really big deal. Aside from buying or selling property – or perhaps going all-in on Crypto bets (which isn’t advisable) – this is as big a transaction as it gets. And just like in a job interview, it is human nature to ask many questions, seek answers and get assurance so that you can move forward with the next step.  Our approach to our FAQs page is, “How long is a piece of string?” There isn’t a limit to the questions customers can ask before confidently selling their car online. 

We thought we’d exhausted all your questions concerning selling used cars in our previous FAQ article. Butt no, there are more. We’ve uncovered a few more pertinent areas of customer concern and outstanding questions. 

Can anyone buy a used car from

In short, no. The unique selling point of our online platform is our ability to recruit and approve thousands of reputable and professional dealers as the only authorised, potential buyers of your second-hand vehicle. This is the innovative business model that we will continue to maintain over a free-for-all auction open to the general public. It ensures safety, security, and genuine competitive offers for you, the seller. It also helps us to protect your personal and vehicle information until the transaction is completed. 

When selling my car, does Weelee place my vehicle in a showroom? 

Weelee does not collect or store your vehicle in advance of you selling your used car. Aside from our corporate headquarters (where our Weelee support team hang out), we do not operate physical showrooms or regional depots. Our presence is predominantly online-based. We blend with OOH (out-of-home) advertising and those catchy radio ad slots that perk up your morning and afternoon drive. However, our customer support team is always available to navigate you through every step of the selling process.

Am I obliged to accept the final offer when selling my used car?

There are multiple websites out there that claim to sell your car for top prices. Unfortunately, because many of these websites circulate and advertise your vehicle to the general public, you may inevitably get tied down in agonising price negotiations and lowball offers. Selling on is obligation-free, and accepting or refusing any and all offers is entirely of your own free will. We are only satisfied with our value proposition when both the buyer and the seller walk away happy from every transaction. 

Will selling my used car online really generate the highest price?

When trying to generate the highest cash price when selling your used vehicle, you need to weigh up the pros and cons of each channel. 

  • Selling your second-hand car privately can generate you the highest bid as you have complete control over your asking price. However, you are exposed to more risk from scammers. You mayalso have to wait a long time before the ideal buyer comes knocking.
  • A trade-in at a dealership can save you time and hassle by avoiding the risk of scams buyers. But, as the dealer needs to factor in margins when selling on, the price will be lower.  

Weelee’s innovative online platform offers you the perfect solution to this problem. We assume the risk of buyer interaction, creating a quick, hassle-free process. We create instant foot traffic of interested buyers for your particular vehicle, and an auction-based pricing model to ensure that you sell to the highest bidder. Our online process is positioned to get you the best deal as well as offering you convenience, safety and instant access to your target market.

Even Hello Peter agrees. Selling your used car on is a 5-star experience, open to all South Africans looking for the best cash price for their used vehicles.

There’s no question about who to partner with, for a quick, easy and hassle-free experience. Don’t just sell your car, Weelee it!  
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