What Women Want when Selling Cars Online

Selling cars online
We all love the 1st For Women Fearless advert and can identify with the subscript reality it is referencing. Women disempowerment has a long and complex history and women trying to sell their cars is a context that has often left them feeling vulnerable, patronised and taken advantage of. No more! While “Weelee it” may not be a feminist slogan, it certainly celebrates the equitable process of selling cars online. This is clearly referenced in our reviews and is a clear testament to how selling cars on the Weelee online platform is an empowering experience. 

Chauvinism and sexism may still rear their ugly heads when a woman drives into a dealership (a heavily male-dominated industry) or tries to sell her car privately, but that reality is non-existent on Weelee’s innovative online car selling platform. 

Why do so many recommend Weelee for selling cars online? We believe it’s because Weelee ticks a woman’s pragmatic wishlist when it comes to prioritising confidence, due diligence and safety. These are 3 power markers for strong independent and modern women, no matter what their role in society may be. 

Our entire ethos embraces equality and so you might enjoy our blog which outlines why ANYONE can sell their car ANYTIME and ANYWHERE.

Confidence & trust

Selling a car sucks, and so finding a trustworthy online platform is a top concern. Women have a mysterious 6th sense that never steers them wrong. This feminine ‘gut instinct’ influences who they choose to put their confidence in when selling their car. Women are often pedantic when it comes to taking responsibility and choosing a brand or service that can be trusted. 

The competitive landscape of selling cars is no exception. And Weelee has certainly taken client care and promise-keeping to the next level. Our hassle-free online process and immediate access to 1000s of reputable and pre-approved dealers, who will bid on your car, make getting the best cash price a reality. 

You are completely in control and cannot be taken advantage of; you get to decide what bid you will accept as well as there being no obligation to accept any bid. 

Due diligence

Women tend to be thorough and less impulsive when it comes to buying or selling cars. This trait has probably avoided many wars and foolish business deals. The wisdom and strength of character displayed in doing one’s homework is the perfect match for getting the best deal on the Weelee platform. 

At Weelee, thanks to our carefully selected dealers, we don’t just let anyone buy your car. This online bidding process is a defining factor in you getting what your car is worth without having to navigate the industry frustrations, time-consuming logistics and unknowns when selling a second-hand vehicle. 

Safety first

Women value safety. And online safety concerns are legitimate when selling cars online. Our customer privacy and security are of utmost importance when you Weelee it. We use the latest safety encryption technology as well as blurring out your car’s number plate. All your personal information remains anonymous and secure. We will only disclose details to the buyer whose offer you decide to accept. 

We also assign you your very own personal Weelee consultant who will be with you on the journey of selling your car online. You are not alone.

When it comes to what women want when selling their second-hand cars, we are happy to oblige and always ready to serve. The Weelee formula is simple and successful – you value safety first, and we put our customers first; it’s the way selling should be. 

Try Welee’s online platform today. You won’t be disappointed. 

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