Need to sell your bakkie? Let Weelee do the heavy lifting!

For South Africans, bakkies are part of our everyday lingo. These reliable 4×4 workhorses have done the heavy lifting – be that camping gear, building materials, livestock, children or furniture. Single cab or double cab, bakkies don’t slow down when it comes to the second-hand market. So, when you need to sell your bakkie, Weelee is poised to do the hard work and get you the best deal possible. 

Take a break

Your bakkie is designed to do the hard slog. And no matter the terrain or landscape – from farming and construction to daily school runs and trips to the bush – a bakkie delivers and will go the distance.

They are made for the long haul which makes selling your bakkie a big deal. 

This is where Weelee and our innovative online platform come in. We understand that you most probably don’t have time to negotiate the complexities of selling a second-hand vehicle. That is ok – we have the time, the team, the dealers and the online resources to get the job done and get you the best cash price possible – within 24 hours. (‘Dinkum!”). 

Follow our simple 3-step process to upload your bakkie on our platform. Then sit back and take a break while you wait for offers from our pool of 1000s of pre-approved dealers as they bid on your vehicle. (That is assuming you are not off-road and out of signal range, herding sheep or tracking the big 5).

Safety Drill

With tough bodywork (and an attitude to boot), bakkies are go-to vehicles for many South Africans – for urban and country driving. Although overall vehicle safety has been a concern when rating these vehicles, many brand manufacturers have upped the stakes when it comes to safety features.

When you decide to sell your bakkie, safety should be one of your highest priorities. This is where Weelee delivers. We have gone to great lengths to ensure our online safety and privacy standards pass muster.  

Our website uses number plate blurring technology and 128bit SSL encryption to protect a client’s identity, provide anonymity and ensure complete online safety. (There’s no way a Weelee deal will crash and burn). Personal details will only be disclosed once you decide on which offer you want to accept. 

Close the deal

Bakkies don’t come cheap, so whether yours is paid off or still financed, the bottom line is that you need to get the best cash price possible when selling your second-hand bakkie. And just like a dog is a man’s best friend, a bakkie comes a close second. And that is why we, at Weelee, take our part in the process very seriously. We are intent on keeping in our promises and putting you first. So don’t just sell your bakkie, Weelee it!

Over a 2-hour period, our reputable and pre-approved dealers will bid on your car. This gives you access to multiple offers and pushes up the price through competitive action. It is also a no-obligation process and you can walk away at any point. Only once you are happy with a bid and accept it, will we pass on your details to the winning bidder who will make arrangements for an actual viewing to conclude the deal. 

Weelee your bakkie

Just as bakkies are part of South Africans’ vocab, “Weelee it” is fast becoming a local expression. Our innovative and seamless online platform, our 1000s or pre-approved dealers (in Joburg and Cape Town), and our many reviews from our satisfied customers are a winning combination for choosing Weelee when selling your bakkie. 

Contact us today and let Weelee do the heavy lifting when you sell your bakkie.
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