Weelee shines the spotlight on women drivers

Weelee shines the spotlight on women drivers
The stereotypical presumptions of women drivers and their questionable competence behind the wheel are outdated at best and discriminatory at worst. But here at Weelee, we don’t entertain assumptions and are not going to play jury in the gender debate as to who are better drivers. We are also not concerned with stereotypes (unless we are talking about  ‘Family Discount Dave,’ ‘One Offer  Wanda,’ ‘Trade-in Trevor’ or ‘Counter Offer Karen’).

But Weelee is an online car selling platform that is party to thousands of vehicle sales and negotiations every month. Our final word on the matter is that we are not only impressed with what women want when selling a car but what they want when buying a car. 

It doesn’t matter if we are talking about nippy little hatchbacks, mom’s taxis (aka SUVs), Bakkies, 4x4s or luxury vehicles, women are decisive and determined about what boxes should be ticked when they buy a car. 

Lest we be accused of using stereotypical subheadings, our disclaimer is that our choice of characteristics is deliberately gender neutral (well, except for the last one). We love and recognise women as powerful influencers and we have plenty of credible reasons why women love Weelee. 

As an automotive industry player, we believe it is our Weelee responsibility to keep South Africans well-informed whether they are buying or selling cars

This is what we discovered when researching what women want when buying cars:

#1 Women are practical

If you ever get the chance to document a woman’s typical day, you will be amazed at what she accomplishes; hence the need for her to be super-practical and organised. (Our Weelee male team members are in awe). 

It is therefore not surprising that top of a women’s shortlist when buying a car are two practical priorities – space and storage. (How else will car seats, prams, kids, pets, sports equipment and the kitchen sink fit?). When women assess the space and storage features, the car better impress or they will walk away. No wonder car manufacturers, like Renault, specifically consult women on the interior design features of their cars.  

Women look for safety features when buying a car

Women are pragmatic

Women have a way of dealing with things sensibly and realistically – from scraped knees and school bullies to job interviews and conscious consumerism. Add buying a car to her to-do list and a woman’s approach will be pragmatic; weighing up what makes practical sense when it comes to budget considerations, fuel efficiency and a car that offers overall value-for-money. (She is always savvy with money and any extra savings from refusing the ‘nice-to-have’ extras will go towards school fees, violin lessons, provisional tax, a family holiday or vet bills).  

Women are protectors

The first questions a woman will ask before she even books a test drive are: “What are the crash test safety ratings and how many airbags does the car have?”  Other safety features such as ABS, keyless entry, central locking and run-flat tyres will also be on her radar as must-haves and she is unlikely to compromise on these. 


Women look for space and storage features when buying a car

According to news24, women are not only the fastest growing segment among car consumers but in a survey conducted by Kelley Blue Book, “women are likely to prefer non-luxury sedans and SUVs with a safety ranking higher on the priority list than durability and reliability.”

This is one of the things we love about women and why our Weelee promise of a safe and secure online platform will give them peace of mind when the time eventually comes to sell a car. 

Women are performers

At home, in the gym or at the workplace – women are performers, so it follows that vehicle performance and how various car makes and models affect the environment will feature over image. The performance features that are important for women are horsepower, responsive handling, acceleration, fuel efficiency and overall driving experience. 

Women look for specific performance features when buying a car

Women are pretty

Women love pretty things and looks will obviously feature on a car buying wish list – but not at the expense of the above-mentioned considerations. Once all her other boxes are ticked, style will play a prominent role.  Design, colour, dashboard finish, legroom, attention to detail and overall comfort will all make it onto the list. 

Talking about style, the six category winners at the 2022 Woman’s World Car of the Year automotive competition – judged by an all-female jury (including South African motoring journalist, Charleen Clarke) – leave no debate that despite all the other factors taken into account when judging, each of these finalists is pretty good looking:

  • Urban Model: Peugeot 308
  • Family SUV: Kia Sportage
  • Large Car: Ford Mustang Mach-E
  • Large SUV: BMW iX
  • Performance Car: Audi e-Tron GT
  • 4×4: Jeep Wrangler

“The objective of the awards is to highlight the role of women in the car world and also to choose the best cars of the year,” the organisers said. “About voting, the criteria are based on the same principles that guide any driver when choosing a car.”

Women are ‘Weeleeing it’

Women drivers are a force to be reckoned with. And whether they are buying a car or selling one, they are empowered, responsible and savvy; refusing to be taken for a ride. 

This makes our Weelee unique selling pointsbest cash price, professional service, safe and secure platform and a quick and easy hassle-free experience –  really attractive motivators for women when they decide to sell their vehicle and we are proud to be of service.

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