Top 4 reasons for selling your car

Selling your car
Change is part of your new reality. Perhaps your family is expanding or you’ve become an empty nester and you’re looking to upsize or downsize your ride? Maybe you’ve achieved that promotion and can finally drive off into the sunset in your dream sports car or SUV? Or is your current car costing you more than you bargained for? If any of these scenarios apply to you, it’s probably time to consider selling your car.

At Weelee, we know there are a myriad of reasons for selling your car and want to share the top four so that you can move on to something more suitable for this next season in your life. 

#1 It’s time to upsize

You may not want to sell your trusty Fiat 500 or your Porsche Boxster, but there’s a new baby (or two) on the way. This addition not only comes with a cute new face in your Instagram posts but a whole lot of stuff – prams, camp cots, nappy bags, toys etc. More space in your vehicle cabin and boot to accommodate the various goodies is a need, not a want.

Sell your car time to upsize

An adopted fur baby has entered your life and more room is required for that trip to the park. Or what about that new leisure activity you’ve just signed up for. Space for those golf clubs or mountain bikes is serious motivation to sell your current vehicle and upsize.

Travel pans on the horizon? Then let’s ‘hit the road, Jack’ (or Themba or Ivan), and plan that family road trip to the coast or mountains. A bigger car offers much-needed space for suitcases, camping gear and kiddies’ gadgets.

These are all good reasons to sell your car fast and upgrade to something more roomy and practical.

#2 It’s time to downsize

Your children have left home and your Toyota Fortuner, Ford Everest or Volkswagen Touareg are now starting to clutter up the garage. 

Selling your car time to downsize

This new season of life means no more chauffeuring from A to B and no more extra sports gear, musical instruments or additional travel necessities when planning your next holiday.

All you need now is a small and convenient ride to zoot off to the shops for bread and milk or to the spa for a massage.

It’s time to sell your car and switch to a smaller option.

#3 It’s time to upgrade

Your new promotion has come with a significant salary bump up and those childhood dreams of driving the latest luxury SUV or sports car can finally become a reality. 

Sell my car time to upgrade

It’s time to part with your rusty car or old jalopy that has no aircon or power steering and upgrade to something that is more appropriate for your new position and life stage. Create that social statement and impress your friends with a trendy new ride by selling your car for the best cash price on our Weelee platform.

#4 It’s time to cut the financial burden

Depending on the age of your car, it could be costing you more than you bargained for. The repair bills are ringing up as quickly as the car repayments and your budget is being seriously impacted. Perhaps your car’s warranty is about to expire and you will be responsible for the ongoing maintenance. Add the skyrocketing price of petrol to this equation and you are likely to realise that you need a car that is more reliable, more financially viable and more fuel-efficient. 

It’s time to ‘Weelee it’

Whatever the reason to sell your car, Weelee’s innovative, online platform offers a fast, easy and safe solution. From upload to offer, our easy-to-use website ensures a quick, simple and hassle-free experience.

Simply submit your car’s details and upload a few photos of your vehicle. One of our personal consultants will contact you within minutes to begin the process. 

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