Why 5 is our favourite number at Weelee

Why no. 5 is our favourite number at Weelee
From the Jackson 5 and Chanel No.5 to Lou Bega’s ‘Mambo No.5,’ the number 5 has seemingly always been associated with success. It is also a recipe for success as a tried and tested formula when giving tips and advice. (Check out Jamie Oliver’s 5 ingredient meals – quick and easy food or Elon Musk’s 5 key pieces of advice for young people to be successful). And when it comes to Weelee’s innovative online platform – we, too, have a predisposition to the number 5 to help you sell your car – quickly and easily.  

The reason Weelee exists is not only to make the process of selling your car online as hassle-free and simple as possible but to also ensure you get the best cash price.

We think it will be helpful to draw your attention to 5 of our informative Weelee blogs that have followed the number 5 trend and got our customers excited. 

#1 A free ride

Don’t believe those who tell you that “nothing in life is free,” because here at Weelee, we outline 5 reasons you get a free ride when you sell your car. From the moment you click on our website, you will not spend a cent. From registering and uploading your vehicle to receiving an estimated market value and accepting a bid, the entire 5-step process – from start to finish – is hassle-free and obligation-free. 

#2 Get noticed

Our Weelee commitment is to help you get the best cash price when the time comes to sell your car or bakkie. We have done the industry research as to what our vetted buyers want and offer you 5 tips to get your car ready to make sure it stands out from its online competition. We talk vehicle face-lifts, basic car cleaning hacks, photo tips and tricks, doing your homework and staying on top of your paperwork. 

#3 Stay safe

When it comes to our customer-centric approach, our Weelee mindset is far from insular. We will not compromise on our online experience being as safe and secure as possible, but we also feel obligated to give helpful offline safety tips that will keep you safe on the road and ultimately benefit you when you need to sell your vehicle.  

#4 Time saver

We know life is incredibly busy and we don’t want to waste your time. But we also want to save you time. We take this so seriously that we can promise that you can take 5 and ‘Weelee it’ – literally! It will take you less than 5 minutes to upload your car with our simple 5-step process. 

#5 Best cash price

Your ultimate goal when selling your second-hand vehicle is to get the best deal possible and we have curated 5 basic tips to help increase the value of your car and maximise your return. Paying attention to warning lights, keeping up your service plan, minimizing car personalizations and checking your tyres all play a role in how your car has been looked after and presents to a prospective buyer. (The less they need to fix, the more they will offer). 

Weelee’s ‘high 5’ service offering

Our satisfied customer reviews are a virtual ‘high 5’ and we are grateful for the feedback as we strive to remain the people’s choice when it comes to an online car selling platform that delivers on its promises and puts our customers first. 

Besides our safe & quick online experience, we have further extended our service offering and you can now also ‘Weelee it’ by popping in at our Buying Pod in Pretoria for an immediate, seamless, safe and super-convenient experience. 

Weelee it’ for the best cash price by selling your car in just 5 easy steps!

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