Travel Safe with Weelee’s Top 5 Road Trip Tips

Weelee road trip travel tips
South Africans love to hit the road in December. Schools are out, the weather is good and the beaches or bush are calling your name. We realise that Weelee is known as an online platform for our hassle-free car selling platform services, but we care about all drivers of cars – whether you are selling your car or just taking a road trip with your family. Whatever your destination – the sunshine coast, the Drakensberg mountains or the Game reserve – we want you to travel safely. 

Life is not about the destination, but about the journey – so from the N3 to the Karoo, you and your family are in safe hands with our top 5 Weelee road trip travel tips. Go ahead and pack your bags. 

Weelee travel tip #1 – Pumped & ready to go!

Making sure your tyre pressure is correct is road trip safety 101. Travelling long distances with low tyre pressure wastes fuel and if pumped too high, you could risk a blowout. Never assume your tyres are fine. Our neighbourhoods are full of Acacia trees with their devilish white thorns and random nails also have a way of wedging themselves in your tyres, causing slow leaks. So make the effort to visit your local service station the day before to use a tyre gauge to check your pressure and pump your tyres.

Weelee road trip travel tips
Check your tyre pressure and tyre tread.

If you have ‘pack rats’ in your family who love to pack everything except the kitchen sink for the holidays (we get it), pump your tyres a little bit higher to manage the extra weight. Each car will have its own guideline range. 

You also need to check the tyre tread. Do this a few days before in case you need to replace any of your tyres – (we hope you got an end-of-year bonus!). The rubber is likely to have some kilometres on it, so don’t ignore the tread. Tread that is unevenly worn can be dangerous on the open road. 

Weelee travel tip #2 – It’s raining, it’s pouring!

We love the rain, but travelling long distances in rainy weather can be hazardous. Checking your lights and wipers is vital as a road trip safety measure. Test all your lights (brake lights, bright lights and fog lights) and double-check that your windscreen wipers are in excellent working order – just squirt some washer fluid on your windscreen to make sure your wipers clean the glass properly. Mist and fog are also a reality, so make sure your demisters are working. 

Weelee road trip travel tips
Check your windscreen wipers and all lights

Weelee travel tip #3 – Feeling spare?

Road trips on the open road in South Africa often mean that you could be travelling 200 – 300 km before hours before finding a service station. Check your spare tyre and kit is critical. 

If you experience a puncture and flat tyre en-route, you might be on your own – with only a lonesome windmill and some stray goats or curious cows as onlookers. Make sure you have a complete tyre changing kit (and know how to use it), and ensure that your spare tyre is pumped to get you to your destination. 

Weelee road trip travel tips
Check your spare tyre and kit.

Weelee travel tip #4 – Sparks are flying!

No matter how new your vehicle is, cars suddenly not starting is a reality. So, having jumper cables at the ready, for any road trip, is an absolute necessity. (Just make sure your jumper leads are not packed under all that luggage!). And If you happen to be in the middle of nowhere, you might need to wait for a local farmer to pass by in his bakkie. 

The law also requires an emergency triangle to be displayed behind your car as a warning to other cars – it is one of the things Metro Police often check at roadblocks.  

Speaking of our Metro Police, you definitely want to ensure that your car license and driver’s licence are up-to-date, otherwise, you are in for a hefty fine and that is not a great way to start or end your holiday. 

Weelee travel tip #5 – Call 10111!

We hope calling for medical emergency services en route will not be a reality for you, but having a travel medical emergency pack or basic first-aid kit on hand is important – just in case. ‘Always be prepared’ is what we say. 

Weelee Road trip travel tips
Check your first-aid kit.

You may not be a trained first-aider, but there are small ways you can help when medical assistance is required – we’re talking minor burns, cuts and bruises, bee stings etc. So items to treat any of these scenarios should be included in your kit. Make sure your first-aid kit is clearly marked and cannot be opened by young children. We also advise purchasing a small fire extinguisher to keep in the boot of your car. 

Weelee – Let’s hit the road, Jack!

At Weelee we are known for helping you sell your car for the best cash price – safely, easily and quickly. But we are also known for putting you first and so we care about your holiday plans. 

If you are looking to sell your car, we are here for you, making the entire process hassle-and obligation-free. (In fact, we have just become a verb!). If you are taking a well-deserved family road trip, we are here for you with our Weelee road trip travel trips.  (BTW, heeding tips #1, 2 and 3 is also likely to help you maintain the value of your car when it comes to selling it).

Safe travels and compliments of the season from all of us at Weelee!

And, if in the New year you do need to sell your car, here is our final tip: Don’t just sell your car – ‘Weelee it!’

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