I want to sell my Used Luxury Car – How to go about it

As you’re reading this article, you’ve likely come to the decision that “I want to sell my used luxury car”, and are looking for the right channel to sell your car safely, quickly and at the best cash price. In our previous Blog, we highlighted the most resellable used cars in SA right now, that command the highest resale prices. Most luxury used cars, when kept in great condition and at low mileage, will quickly find a keen buyer in the affluent market. Many of the established luxury car brands such as Ferrari, Porsche, Maserati and Audi  are now firmly established in South Africa. Combine this with an increasing demand for fine craftsmanship and high-end features from a growing elite and there’s never been a better time to sell your used luxury car at a great price.

Highest Price ever paid for a Used Luxury Car

$52million – sold privately in 2013 for a 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO (one of only 39 ever made) in the United States.  (Source: Bloomberg News)

Finding the right Buyer

The process of selling your used luxury car is similar to selling any other type of vehicle. What is instantly apparent though, is that your market for potential buyers is much smaller. Luxury cars are associated with prestige and command high prices. While many people will marvel and aspire to own your exotic vehicle, finding a buyer with the finances and the interest in purchasing your used car can be a mix of luck and clever marketing.

Navigating the threat of Online Scams when selling your Used Luxury Car

The biggest pitfall of selling your used luxury car online as a private sale is the inevitable pool of scam artists pulling every trick and fake email in the book to try to take advantage of you and your prized asset. Think Grand Theft Auto! One of the main reasons Weelee was established, was to protect car sellers from chancers and time-wasters by providing a secure and safe platform to sell your vehicle to serious buyers. If you insist on selling privately, ensure that the amount agreed has fully cleared into your bank account, before parting with your luxury vehicle.


If you’ve been asking yourself, “how do I sell my used luxury car, and how do I find the right buyer?”, Weelee is the perfect platform to sell your vehicle for a better cash price than anywhere else. We have successfully sold a broad range of Porsche, Range Rover, Mercedes and Audi models, and accept any car make and model that meets the demands of our pre-approved buyers. Take the risk and uncertainty out of selling by registering your luxury car in a few simple steps on our website.  Don’t just sell it, Weelee it!

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