Selling my Used Car: the most valuable Used Cars in SA

Under the hood of all the discussion around selling my used car, what channels to take etc, we set out to uncover, what are the most valuable used cars in South Africa that are fetching the best prices in the marketplace? Fancy car launches and ‘Jurassic Park’ type car adverts are of no interest to us! What the majority of drivers want to know is, “what car makes and models are in high demand by the second-hand market?”. In our previous Blog, we discussed how to successfully sell your car online. Credit bureau TransUnion’s Vehicle Price Index (VPI) report at the end of October 2017 showed a 3.6% increase in the price of used cars, showing a continuing shift towards purchasing valuable used cars over buying new. (Source-Business Tech)

Condition, mileage and other factors ensure that no two cars can ever be justified to warrant the same price tag in the used car market. If you own one of these valuable vehicles below, you stand a better chance of recouping a decent amount of what you originally paid, for your vehicle.

Volkswagen – the ‘people’s’ choice for valuable Used passenger cars.

Hardly a surprise to many readers, but Volkswagen has consistently ranked as the most valuable car in SA with a resale value that holds up very well. This is in large part to the popularity of the Polo Vivo, and the Golf GTI. New releases of these models contribute to the affordability of older models. The legacy of the Volkswagen can be traced right back to the hardy CitiGolf’s as a humble and cheap predecessor to recent models which offer German luxury and efficiency at an affordable price.

Other valuable used cars which closely challenge VW in the top tier of the market include Toyota (Corolla), Kia (Picanto) and Ford (Fiesta, Figo)

Most Valuable Bakkie – Toyota Hilux topples the Ranger into Pole position

The Ford Ranger has been going neck and neck with the almost indestructible Toyota Hilux for the title of SA’s most valuable used bakkie for the last few years. The Hilux, exactly 50 years old, is more than just a farmer or construction worker’s preference – its twin cab option allows it to double as a family vehicle. This has opened a large urban market for used Hilux’s an all-in-one commuting, lifestyle and adventurous 4×4 beast. At Weelee we see many bakkies through our marketplace with a couple of interesting earlier models that draw great memories of childhood holidays to the coast.

Most Valuable SUV – different models to suit your pocket.

It is difficult to single out an SUV or two when determining SA’s most valuable used SUV. South African customers are spoiled for choice in the SUV department, therefore much will hinge on what budget a customer has to spend. Manufacturers such as Toyota, Ford, and Hyundai SUV’s enjoy a strong resale value and generous depreciation values, as a mirror of their top positions in the new-car sales market. If you haven’t worn your vehicle into the ground and the engine is not too thirsty for gas, you can fetch a great resale price on the Weelee online marketplace for many well-kept vehicles.


Weelee is South Africa’s premier online marketplace that matches sellers with pre-approved buyers with the mission of acquiring you the very best price for your valuable used vehicle. Through our Blog, we prepare you for auction by informing you of all the factors to consider when selling your used car, to ensure your valuable car commands top dollar from our buyers. Register with Weelee today to find out how you can get the highest price when selling your used car in 2018.

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