Sell my Car Online – Taking Photos that stand out

“I want to sell my car online and expect to get at least X rands for it – how do I make my vehicle stand out from the thousands of others in the marketplace?” Now quickly reverse the Sales Role and step into the shoes of a prospective buyer. What attracts you to a specific used car post? Most likely, it will be a thumbnail image linking to a gallery of quality photos of the car in question. Taking Photos that stand out and present your used car in all its shining glory is your best opportunity to invite views, generate enquiries and eventually, get serious cash offers. Our recent article informing sellers how they can successfully sell their used car online highlighted the importance of taking photos that stand out. You don’t need to be a professional to take great photos of your car. What is most important is that your photos accurately capture the quality, but also the condition of your car. See it as a 360 shoot, so go out, capture great photos from all angles and sell your car quickly and effectively. Here are a few tips to approach it.

Take Photos outside in the clear light of day

Better Photos will sell a car quicker. Taking photos outside in the clear light will give your used car plenty of exposure to warm, natural light and bring out the natural colours of your vehicle. Avoid low light or night time photos where your camera’s flash fails to capture the bigger picture.

Use a high-quality Camera.

Used Car photos taken on a digital SLR or a high megapixel ‘point and shoot’ camera will be superior to photos captured on a cell phone. The latest smartphones, however, can do the job sufficiently. Ensure your Camera settings are set to capture images at its highest available Megapixel resolution.

Take more than enough Images

When selling your used car online, always upload the maximum number of photos that a site permits. With Weelee the registration process allows you to upload 4 images, covering the car’s major angles (front, back, and each side) Capture every significant detail of your used car, as it highlights the strengths and custom modifications of your used car, while also being upfront and honest about any imperfections that may affect the final price being offered for your vehicle.

Photographing my Used Car -Location, Location!

Find a location that isolates the used car you are selling. Places to avoid include busy parking lots, home garages and down-town streets. Your vehicle needs to be the focal point of the picture. Take a short spin and find a quiet, secluded spot to take the best pictures. If you’re pressed for time, an empty parking area will do the trick.

Final Tip – don’t use stock images from Google to try and sell your used car. Buyers are looking for honest images. Professional photos will arouse suspicion and will hinder your chances of finding the right buyer.


Weelee is an online used car marketplace where the general public can utilise a quick, safe and easy platform to sell their vehicle to the highest bidder. Taking great photos of your uploaded car is one of the best practices you can adopt to improve your listing to entice more offers for your car. There are many factors to consider when selling your used car. Through our Blog and Facebook Page, we regularly inform prospective used car sellers on the process involved, preparing you for auction and ensuring that you sell your used car for the highest cash price. Register today on and watch the offers stream in. Don’t sell your car, Weelee it!

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