"We buy cars"

“We Buy Cars & Bakkies,” say our 1000s of Vetted Weelee Dealers

One of the regular FAQs we get asked is: “Do we buy cars and bakkies?” We have a typically South African answer – “Ja-nee.” No, we don’t technically buy cars and bakkies, but yes, our 1000s of pre-approved and reputable Weelee dealers do. That is what makes our online platform so innovative and it is the reason we have sold in excess of 100 000 cars over the last four years. 

Who are our dealers who will buy your car?

Our dealers are industry experts whose businesses depend on having cars in stock to sell to their customers. But not just any dealer is a Weelee dealer. Dealers have to apply to be part of our online platform and are evaluated and approved only if they meet our criteria. This partnership between Weelee and a vetted dealer means we provide the stock from our private sellers looking to sell their second-hand vehicles, and we provide 1000s of trusted dealers who are in a position to bid on and buy your car or bakkie. 

This 3-way partnership or interface between dealers who buy cars and bakkies, our hassle-free online platform and you, the seller, makes for a win-win-win situation.

The dealers get access to reliable sellers and the best stock, and the sellers get the best deal possible. When our dealers and sellers succeed, we succeed. 

For now, our dealers are in and around Gauteng and Cape Town.

Our Weelee dealers buy cars

How do our dealers buy cars?

This is what has set Weelee apart for the past four years and made our bespoke online platform so popular. The phrase, “Weelee it,” encompasses an innovative and successful car selling process. Our customers upload their second-hand cars on our platform, which is super-easy – anyone can do it! – and then our dealers get access. Once your car goes “live,” the dealers can then start the bidding process online. 

Over 24 hours, our 1000s of dealers have the opportunity to bid on your car, pushing the price up. Only when you are completely happy with a bid and you accept it, will we disclose your information and put you in touch with the dealer for final handover and payment to you. (The whole process is quite an adrenaline rush!).

We buy cars

Weelee it!

The entire Weelee process guarantees a success story. Our dealers, who buy cars and bakkies, get what they want, and our sellers get the best deal possible. It really is that simple and the way selling should be. We are happy to be of service. 

Upload your second-hand vehicle today and take part in the ‘thrill ride’ Weelee online experience when selling your car or bakkie.  

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