Navigating the second-hand car market? We buy (& sell) cars (& bakkies)

"We buy cars"

If you are looking to sell or buy a second-hand vehicle – be that a sedan, hatchback SUV or bakkie – you will quickly realise how dynamic the used-car industry is. Despite a saturated marketplace, online platforms still seem to be springing up overnight and ‘new’ second-hand dealerships keep popping up on vacant corner lots. The competitive nature and options available can easily lead to panic. Where do you even start? Who do you trust? How can you be sure you will get what your car is worth if you are selling and get a great deal if you are buying?

Just because an online platform or dealership makes impressive promises relating to ‘We buy cars and bakkies’ or has creative ‘Sell your car or bakkie’ taglines, you would prefer a little more than just words. But speaking of words, word-of-mouth testimonials are probably a good place to start, online reviews come a close second and HelloPeter’s trust index rating (ours is 10/10) is probably the third key player when doing your due diligence.  

Our innovative Weelee platform has earned us a reputation as South Africa’s most trusted place to buy, sell or trade in your car. (After all, 50 000 happy customers can’t be wrong!). And when we say we buy cars and sell cars, that is more than just  ‘salesman talk’ – it’s a commitment to offering you the best deal when you sell and offering you wholesale prices when you buy. 

Be ‘Weelee sure’ – who will buy your car?

When you sell your car (or bakkie), you will be pleased to know that our exclusive pool of Weelee dealers is made up of reputable industry experts. (We are not going to risk our reputation on a dodgy dealer). Not just any dealer can become a Weelee dealer. Dealers have to apply to be part of our online platform and are evaluated and approved only if they meet our criteria before they can bid on your car. 

Not only are our Weelee dealers in a position to buy your car – offering you multiple offers – but we have added ourselves into the mix. This becomes an added benefit when looking to trade in your car at the Mega store.

The innovative interface between Weelee, our dealers who buy cars and bakkies, our hassle-free online platform and you, the seller, makes for a success story on every front. Everyone is a winner. The dealers get access to reliable sellers and the best stock, we get access to sell in our showroom and our sellers get the best deal possible. 

Be ‘Weelee sure’ – how to buy a car?

For six years, our Weelee platform traded on our ‘unique selling points’ and the phrase, ‘Weelee it,’ encompassed our innovative and successful car-selling process. It was fast, simple and user-friendly, and anyone could navigate it! 

Buy a car at wholesale prices from Weelee

The one element that was missing on our platform was the option to buy a car from us. That is now a thing of the past, and going into the future with us, we offer the option for you to purchase a vehicle from us – at wholesale prices either on our online auction or directly from our Megastore in Midstream.

With financing options available, you have access to over 500 quality preowned cars that:

  • Have low mileage 
  • Are in great condition
  • Come with Independent condition reports 
  • Include a service history and transparency

So now, when you go online, you can either choose the ‘sell my car’ option or the ‘buy a car’ option where you get to browse all our vehicles, hatchbacks, sedans, bakkies, SUVs or 4x4s. The process still remains simple, safe and user-friendly. 

Because you deserve more, visit Weelee today.
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