Do We buy cars? At Weelee we do one better!

Do We Buy Cars? No, We Do One Better!

Since we have become a verb, the term “Weelee it’” is fast becoming part of South Africans’ everyday language – in Jozi and in Cape Town. Our innovative online process also has a reputation of being super hassle-free which is putting a smile on everyone’s face.😁 But one question we keep being asked is, “Do we buy cars?” 

No, we don’t buy cars; we actually go one step further!

We leave the buying of your car to 1000s of top-rated, vetted industry leaders who understand the market and who will bid on your car. That is why we can guarantee you the best deal. 

(Where else will you have access to more than one competitive offer when you sell your car?).

Let us explain how our online car selling platform works for you and why Weelee is the way selling should be. 

Do we buy cars? No, but we have a ‘killer’ platform!

We’ve created our online platform to be used by you. We don’t buy cars. Rather, we provide a safe online place for you to sell your car and be in control of the entire process.

In one sitting – anywhere and anytime – you can easily upload the details of your car. Then, while you scroll IG or browse the net for cat videos, our trustworthy team will review your registration – to ensure that your information is accurately presented to buyers. Within a few minutes, one of our consultants will be in contact with you.

Once all has been approved, let the games begin! Your car will go live on our completely secure website. We blur your car’s registration plate and keep your details private. This information will only be shared with the buyer you choose, offering you absolute peace of mind. 

Do we buy cars? No, but we have buyers who do!

Once your car goes live online, 100s of pre-approved car dealers will view it. These are industry leaders who are ready to buy your car.  

Our dealers are not only pre-approved and legit, but they are also completely trustworthy, so you’ll encounter no shady buyers or dodge dealers here! And because some healthy competition is always good when selling your car, these dealers will bid for your car. 

The more they bid, the higher the price goes. Instead of enduring painful negotiations or having one person offer to buy your car at a price that you have no choice but to accept, you will have many buyers competing for your attention. This ensures you get the best price! 

That should definitely get you smiling!😁

Do we buy cars? No, but we let you choose your buyer!

Once you have watched the offers coming in, you get to select the buyer of your choice, putting you in complete control and allowing you to pull out at any time. The entire process is obligation free. 

This is your car, after all, and you should have a say in how it is sold and to whom it is sold. We believe that everyone should feel at ease when selling their car, which is why we are passionate about providing this safe space for online car sales. 

Weelee it – The way selling should be!

If you have a second-hand vehicle car to sell, we will give you access to 1000s of credible dealers who do buy cars – every day. We believe that is definitely one better than us buying your car with a 1-time non-negotiable offer. 

That is what makes Weelee different from so many other car selling platforms. Our innovative platform and customer-centric platform are all about facilitating the best deal for you so you can not only walk away with a smile on your face but with extra cash in your pocket! 

So keep smiling😁 and sell your car the Weelee way! Our dealers are waiting to buy our car. 

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