Do we buy cars? Yes, we do! (And so can you)

Do We buy cars? At Weelee we do one better!

Ever since we became a verb, the term, “Weelee it’” has become part of South Africans’ everyday language – in Jozi and in Cape Town. Our innovative online process also has a reputation for being super hassle-free which is putting a smile on everyone’s face. As the foremost car-selling platform in South Africa – with a 10/10 trust rating on HelloPeter – one question we kept being asked was, “Do we buy cars?”  We didn’t, but now we do!

Competition is always a good thing, pushing us to be better and to serve our customers in the best possible way. Our rebranded offering not only sets us apart as the best online platform to sell your car for the best price but now that we also buy cars means you can buy a car from us – either on our online auction or from our Megastore in Midstream – at wholesale prices. (In other words, for the best price).  

With hybrid work and hybrid internet paving the way, jumping on the hybrid bandwagon was a natural and strategic step for us; uniquely positioning us to offer you the ‘full Monty’ when it comes to buying, selling and trading in a car. 

Let’s explain how you can be ‘Weelee sure’ whether we buy a car from you or whether you buy a car from us:

 We buy cars & offer great prices

We have created a full-service offering that has, you, the customer, in mind. Our website is simple, safe and easy to use – whether you are selling a car or buying a car – and you are in complete control of the entire process. 

Anywhere and anytime you can easily upload the details of your car. Then, while you scroll IG, browse the net for cat memes or upload your next TikTok video, our trustworthy team will review your registration to ensure that your information is accurately presented. Within a few minutes, you will be contacted by one of our consultants. 

Once all has been approved you will get a really competitive offer from us. 

That should get you smiling! 😁

You can buy a car at wholesale prices

Besides selling a car the ‘Weelee way,’ you can now also buy a car the ‘Weelee way.’ You actually have 2 choices, but whichever option floats your boat, you are going to drive off in a ‘new’ set of wheels that you and your bank manager are going to be really happy about.  

We want you to be ‘Weelee sure,’ so let’s break down your buy-a-car options: 

  • Take part in our online auction

One way to get the best deal on a car is to register for one of our Weelee online auctions where you can get a real bargain. A curated collection of vehicles will be showcased on our online auction floor. To take part, a deposit of R2000 gets you ready to bid.  

If you don’t win the car on auction, this deposit is fully refundable or you can choose for it to roll over to keep your account active for any upcoming auctions. (Please note that the deposit only registers you to bid on 1 vehicle/auction).

If you are the winning bidder, you have the option to either get the deposit refunded OR to allocate it to the payment on the car. Should you not settle the vehicle’s full purchase price, you will forfeit your deposit.

  • Visit our two retail showrooms

Weelee is proud to invite you to pop in at our Megastore or start by browsing all our cars online and then contact us to come and view the car in person and book a test drive. If you are also selling a car, you get to trade in your car under one convenient roof. 

That should definitely get you smiling! 😁

Buy a car from Weelee at wholesale prices

‘Weelee it’ – The way selling and buying should be!

If you have a second-hand vehicle to sell, we will give you access to competitive and credible offers – every day. If you want to buy a car,  you get access to wholesale prices. We believe that when we buy a car from you or when you buy a car from us, the experience is way more than just an impersonal financial transaction.

What makes Weelee different is our innovative platform and customer-centric commitment which are all about facilitating the best deal for you so you not only walk away with a smile on your face but also with the best deal.  

You definitely deserve more when it comes to buying or selling a car. We buy cars. We sell cars. So keep smiling & be ‘Weelee sure.’
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