Ride Sharing Platforms and the growing demand for well maintained Used Cars

With a relatively new entrant proclaiming “we buy your car”, there’s never been a better time to sell your used car to a growing industry. As much as Uber and Taxify rely on their clientele, their vehicles need to be reliable and economical. That is their promise and you, as the consumer, expect no less.  

Public transport has been around since the horse and buggy in the 1600s. We have definitely come a long way over 400 years. Since the introduction of Uber in 2014 and its competitor, Taxify, in 2016, the public transport system in South Africa is rapidly growing, revolutionising the public’s transport options. Uber and Taxify provide reliable and convenient benefits and service for all sectors of society.

We buy your Car – Toyota Corollas everywhere!

Toyota Corolla has a longstanding history of priding itself on its reliability and dependability. Combined with its economic fuel efficiency and safety features, it is no wonder it is one of the top choices of vehicles for companies like Uber and Taxify. Toyota Corollas are the #1 cars on their platforms with the Toyota Etios and the Nissan Almera coming in 2nd and 3rd respectively.

(Source: Taxify.eu) With the continuing uptake of drivers onto the growing ride-sharing platforms, there is a constant market to sell your used car online.

We buy your Car – Used Car demand soars

Given that there are often as many Uber, Taxify and other operators commuting from A to B, as passenger vehicles, many of the nation’s vehicles are doing the hard miles on the country’s roads. With more used cars travelling excessively, there is inevitably a shorter replacement cycle for these operators to upgrade their vehicles. This has already triggered an increasing demand for well-maintained, low-mileage cars that fit the profile. Use this to your advantage as the used car seller. Many dealers will be on the lookout for a quality vehicle, at the request of an Uber driver or fleet operator.  With Uber and Taxify satisfying the growing demand to expand into more cities worldwide and new entrants such as Zip Taxi making great inroads into Southern and Eastern Africa, high cash offers on quality used cars show no sign of subsiding.


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