The Cream of the Crop

The growing preference among South African motorists to purchase a used car over buying new, has continued to give rise to a healthy used vehicle market, with endless options suited to one’s needs and budget. With the success of online marketplaces such as Weelee, CarZAR, We buy your Car etc, it’s never been easier to sell your used car online, with instant exposure to a large scale audience. Transactions between used car sellers and potential buyers are now happening at lightning speed. It is possible to match an exact buyer to the used vehicle you are trying to sell without waiting weeks, or even months, to get a response from a classified ad. Trends amongst the most popular selling used vehicles tend to change by the season. We believe it’s time to give potential sellers an update on what used vehicles dealers are particularly looking out for when they make the declaration, “We buy your car”.

In a previous Blog, published earlier this year, we outlined the most valuable used cars in SA, focusing on passenger vehicles, used bakkies, and SUVs. While all the stand-out performers retain their popularity, a number of vehicles have recorded a steady rise in popularity among used-car dealers. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but a feature of a few current stand-out performers.

We buy your Car – particularly if you have a Ford Ranger

Brand rivalry always bodes well for the end consumer. Used Ford Rangers and Toyota Hilux’s are both the standout performers in the overall used car markets and are never short of a prospective buyer waiting in the wings. In particular, the Ford Ranger 2.2 and 3.2 TDCi models have recorded tremendous growth and highly impressive online bids. Perhaps a just reward for its indestructibility and versatility as a multi-purpose vehicle.

We buy your Car – a VW Polo or Vivo is guaranteed to replicate its new car sales success

With combined new car sales of 5138 Units between them, (Source: Wheels24) the Polo and the timeless favourite, the Polo Vivo, are a burgeoning presence on SA roads. New model releases have translated to a healthy quantity of good quality used Polo’s that consistently fetch great prices for used car sellers. Other noteworthy used passenger vehicles include, Toyota, Kia and Hyundai.

We buy your Car SUVs that are quickly snapped up

Broken into three categories – compact, medium and large – these particular SUV models are highly sought-after by car dealers, with newer edition, low-mileage vehicles fetching impressive prices.

Compact – Ford Ecosport, Mazda CX-5, Suzuki Jimny,

Medium – BMW X3, Toyota RAV 4, Volkswagen Tiguan

Large SUVs – Undisputed King of SUVs, the Toyota Fortuner and Landcruiser, the Range Rover and the Jeep Wrangler.

Where to Sell your Used Gem

Regardless of what used vehicle you are trying to sell, Weelee represents the ideal platform to register your used car online to acquire the best cash price possible. “Do we buy your car from you?” No, Weelee doesn’t buy direct – but we have assembled hundreds of pre-approved car dealers who are looking for a vehicle like yours, on a daily basis. Our online platform facilitates a safe, quick and easy channel between you, the prospective seller, and a network of dealers. Our online auction entices dealers to bid for your used vehicle for the highest cash bid. There’s no obligation to accept a final price that you are not satisfied with. Register with Weelee today, where the slogan “we buy your car,” is accompanied by serious cash offers.

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