At Weelee, the holiday season won’t disrupt you selling your car

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Have you been considering selling your car? If your answer is ‘yes’ and you have taken this a step further by doing some online research to find out if December is a good time to sell your car, the exercise probably left you down in the dumps. The holiday season has been known for a high demand for used cars and in turn, lower selling prices! 

We are here to tell you that selling your car is not all doom and gloom! While most businesses are starting to slow down, at Weelee we are buckling up to make sure our December customers get the best deals. We have a reputation to protect, you know! (Read: What our customers have to say about us). 

Below are 4 ways in which we are going to make selling your car easier this holiday season.

The Weelee holiday experience

At Weelee, the holiday season won't disrupt you selling your car

If you have browsed Tik Tok recently, you have probably bumped into a video trend suggesting that ‘In South Africa, November is the last month, December is a lifestyle!’ By ‘lifestyle’, the insinuation is that December is for taking things easy and having fun!

This is exactly how we want your December to be like – a breeze. We understand that even though your car has to go, your life has to go on. Therefore, regardless of where or when you decide to sell your car, our offices are always open with 24/7 online assistance. You can sell your car anytime, anywhere.

The Weelee holiday process

Whether you have been naughty or nice throughout the year, when selling your car with Weelee, we promise you personalised and competent customer service. The moment you complete your application form, an expert customer service agent will contact you and assist you with every step of the process. We go the extra mile to ensure that we leave our customers satisfied!

The Weelee holiday reward

If you have any worries about selling your car for a great deal, we suggest you toss them out because Weelee is here to the rescue. Thanks to our 1000s of vetted dealers (aka – the behind-the-scenes little elves who will be bidding on your car) – we guarantee you the best cash price on the market. This gives you a little more cash in your pocket this holiday season. 

The Weelee holiday gift


Aside from eating turkey, the holiday’s most cherishable offer is the opportunity to spend time with loved ones. We have made it our mission to make sure that you won’t lose a chunk of that precious time selling your car. Our processes are streamlined ensuring the deal is completed in a quick and easy way. In just a few clicks you will have your money in your pocket and you can return to your holiday plans or festivities!

We wish you a Weelee Christmas

Selling your car over the holidays has never been easier! Just Weelee it and earn yourself some peace of mind through a usually stressful and sometimes unsafe process. 

What are you waiting for? Visit our website today and start the hassle and obligation-free process in just 3 easy steps.

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