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‘I get by with a little help from my friends’, sang The Beatles back in 1967. And this is still true today. Big life decisions – what career to pursue, who to marry and where to live – require long conversations with those closest to us. And for different decisions, there are different people we lean on. For example, when you need to know what to cook to impress the in-laws, you might give your mom a ring, but when you need advice on a jaw-dropping outfit to impress on a date, you are likely to have your high-school BFF on speed dial. 

Now you’re considering selling your car and need some solid advice. We know just the bosom buddy to buzz.

Our Weelee team steps into this friend gap with the perfect industry advice to sell your car successfully as well as holding your hand throughout the whole process. 

#1 Friends don’t let friends get a bad price

We live in a tough economic climate and cars are expensive to run (especially considering the price of petrol, maintenance and insurance). So when you’re in somewhat of a financial pickle, it may seem simple to trade in your car or sell it to the first Joe Soap who makes you an offer online. 

But, Weelee says ‘Hold up. Wait a minute’

Our innovative online platform allows multiple pre-approved dealers to compete for your car, ensuring that you walk away with the best cash price because ‘That’s what friends are for.’ (💥 Flashback to 1985 with Stevie Wonder, Dionne Warwick, Gladys Knight and Elton John).

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#2 Friends don’t let friends be unsafe

As the original slogan made popular in the 1980s in America says, ‘Friends don’t let friends drive drunk’. While driving under the influence is still a big no-no, Weelee takes this one step further to protect you from cyber scams and other online rip-offs with our secure online platform. 

We want to be even tighter mates than Woody and Buzz Lightyear who make some good promises to one another for road-trip purposes: ‘When the road looks rough ahead and you’re miles and miles from your nice warm bed. You just remember what your old pal said. Boy, you’ve got a friend in me’.

While selling your car privately is likely to bring a few shady buyers and possible scammers out of the woodwork, selling your car with Weelee protects your identity.

Our secure, easy-to-use website uses number plate blurring technology and 256 bit SSL encryption to safeguard you from tech charlatans.

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#3 Friends don’t let friends drive too fast

Ready to bust a move when you hear Saweetie and Doja Cat’s hit song, ‘Best Friend? Despite the assurance that their BFF is sorted (i.e. she ‘Drive her own car, she don’t need no lift’), there comes a time to hit the brakes from the passenger seat or (better) voice your concerns about your bestie’s love for the accelerator.

According to Arrive Alive, speeding is not only dangerous because it increases the likelihood of a crash, but it also decreases your reaction time and reduces your visual field.

Taking a cautious approach to speeding on the road is a smart idea, but wasting your time when selling your car is not.

With Weelee, you can upload your car in just 5 minutes and wait for the offers to start streaming in. 

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“We’ll be there for you,” says Weelee 

Cue dancing from Monica, Rachel, Chandler, Ross and the crew.💃🕺

But seriously, if you’re looking for the best cash price, a safe online platform and a speedy experience, Weelee has the expertise and we guarantee professional and friendly service from start to finish.

See why hundreds of South Africans have placed their trust in Weelee by selling your car with us today.

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