What documents do I need to sell my car? Your simple Weelee guide

Documents needed when you sell your car with Weelee
We’re sure you’ve thought, “If only I could sell my car as easily as I could sell my TV or that old couch gathering dust in the lounge.” We all wish the process was as straightforward as driving to a location, handing over the keys, and walking away with a smile and a lump sum in your bank account. 

Unfortunately, when ticking off “sell my car” from your to-do list, this isn’t usually the case. And much like buying a new home, there are necessary documents and paperwork that need to be completed and processed in order to facilitate a smooth handover when selling your used vehicle to its new owner.

Normally the process can be quite daunting and a bureaucratic nightmare. But you’ll be pleased to know that when you ‘Weelee it,’ the entire process is uncomplicated as we handle almost everything for you.  

At Weelee, it is our duty to educate and inform our customers on everything they need to know in preparation to sell. We do this by keeping our website FAQ section up to date and populating our blog page with relevant articles. But one common question keeps cropping up, “What documents do I need to complete in order to sell my car?” 

As far as paperwork goes here’s what you need to sell your car the Weelee way and get the best cash price.

The documents required when selling your car to a Weelee dealer:

  1. Settlement letter from the bank + a copy of your NATIS (National Traffic Information System) certificate. Most South Africans will be looking to sell a  car that is still financed. This will require a settlement letter from your lending institution to disclose any outstanding amount owed to your potential buyer. If you have bought your current vehicle in cash, or have completely paid it off, lucky you! (Only the original NATIS certificate is then required.) Congratulations, you are well on your way to successfully selling your car online.
  2. Proof of address.
  3. Proof of banking details. Either confirmation of your bank account from the bank or a recent bank statement).
  4. Copy of your Identity Document.

Sell. my car documents

Documents the dealer will provide to conclude the sale:

  1. Contract with dealer. 
  2. An official change of ownership document.
  3. VAR264 form. This is a SARS tax document that declares you are receiving money that is not your monthly income.

“Sell my Car” with Weelee for a simple online experience

If “sell my car” is on your current to-do list, Weelee’s user-friendly platform is poised to make the entire process as hassle-free and straightforward as possible. Minimal bureaucratic red tape and a secure and streamlined process all contribute to a chilled online experience. 

We are as serious about getting you the best cash price as we are about sorting out the paperwork logistics for you. It’s all part of our customer care commitment. 

If you’ve decided, “I’m ready to sell my car,” log onto Weelee today for a quick, safe and easy selling experience.

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