What happens after you sell your car on Weelee?

sell your car on Weelee
If you are looking to sell your car, then our innovative online platform offers you a fast, simple, safe and super hassle-free experience. Our personalised customer-centric approach also means we are committed to keeping a smile on your face after the online bidding process. So, what can you expect once you have accepted the highest bid from one of our 1000’s of vetted and reputable dealers?

Our job may officially be done as soon as you have accepted an offer for your second-hand vehicle, but we are on standby, ensuring your after-sales experience goes just as smoothly. We answer your most relevant dealer-related questions as to what to expect after you sell your car. 

I have accepted an offer, now what? 

Selling your car should not be stressful, it should be exhilarating. When you choose to Weelee it, uploading your car is so simple. And watching the bids come in and the price for your car going up is so exciting. But once you have accepted the best online cash price for your car, what happens next? 

#1 It’s time to meet in person:

Up until this point, everything has been online and your details are anonymous. But as soon as you accept an offer, we email the winning dealer informing them that the offer has been sent to you. We then put you in contact with the certified dealer who offered the highest cash price so you can conclude the sale

#2 It’s time for an inspection:

The dealer will then arrange an appointment with you. All offers are subject to an inspection to ensure that the details and condition of your car were disclosed correctly. (The more transparent you are about the details and condition of your car, the more accurate the offer will be). If there is an issue relating to undisclosed information, the dealer reserves the right to adjust the offer. If, on inspection, the dealer does adjust the price, you, as the seller, are under no obligation to accept this adjusted offer.

Sell your car on Weelee

#3 It’s time for the paperwork:

As soon as you and the dealer are satisfied, the dealer will then proceed with all the relevant paperwork. 

  • If your car is still financed, the Weelee-approved dealer will liaise with the bank regarding the outstanding money. You are also reuqired to produce a copy of your NATIS document as well as a settlement letter. Only the original NATIS document is required if your vehicle is not financed.
  • If there is an outstanding settlement on your car that is higher than the purchase price, you are responsible for paying the remaining balance so the dealer can obtain the original registration documents from the financial institution in question. 
  • If your car is not financed, the dealer will pay the offer, in full, via EFT to the legally registered owner of the vehicle. Make sure you have this paperwork with you. 
  • Make sure you also have the following documents: 
  1. A copy of your ID document
  2. Invoice / proof of purchase from where you bought the vehicle
  3. Proof of address (eg. A utility bill with your physical address/lease agreement)
  4. Bank statement (so that payment is made into the correct bank account)
  5. The dealer takes on the responsibility of changing the car’s ownership into their name, which generally takes 3-5 business days.
What to expect after you sell your car on Weelee

#4 It’s time to pay the money:

If the vehicle matches your online description, the dealer’s bid will not change. The sale transaction is between you (the seller)  and the dealer (the purchaser). When all the relevant paperwork is completed, the dealer will commence finalising the sale. The first step is arranging the processing of the payment to you. (We do not charge you any admin fees for our services when you sell your car with us; it’s free to use Weelee!). 

#5 It’s time to leave us a review

Before you leave us a review, you are welcome to contact your personal Weelee consultant with any concerns or queries regarding the after-sales experience with the dealer. When you sell your car, it is our job to keep you smiling all the way to the bank! 

Then go ahead and become part of Weelee’s ‘sell car club’ by leaving us a review on Facebook or Hellopeter. 

Sell your car the Weelee way and experience the way selling should be!
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