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Which player will get you the best cash price when selling your car?

As Super Mario Bros music streams on your laptop or mobile phone, childhood memories of hours spent in the arcade flood in. You had fewer worries then and more hours to stand in front of a screen battling against various nemeses and virtual warlords. But adulting means you have bigger fish to fry as you decide what to do when it comes to the ‘selling my car’ game.

The character options come up on your screen and you must weigh up the pros and cons of each contender. While this may seem like a joy ride from the past, you can’t afford to be fooled by the shady personas that promise the world but fail to deliver. You need to choose the player with the best track record and the highest probability of success before you opt to play on. At Weelee, we want to give you some perspective before selling your car and jumping into the game with the wrong contender.

It’s game on and here are your options: 

Selling your car with Family Discount Dave

Player #1 – Family discount Dave

It’s Sunday lunch at Mom’s house and she’s invited all your long-lost relatives for a traditional roast. The smell of the seven-colour meal is enough to pack on the calories (which uncle Dave has already succeeded at by digging into the roast potatoes with weekly regularity). 

You make the mistake of mentioning your desire to sell your car at the packed-out dinner table. Guess what? Uncle Dave is the first to chip in his two cents:

“You’ve got the car I’m looking for!” he says. “Remember when I helped you out with that holiday job when you were a teenager in December 2010? I’m sure you can give me a good deal!” 

Raise the red flag! 🚩

While Dave might know a thing or two about finding the tastiest Sunday meal to gatecrash, he knows very little about giving you the best cash price for your car. 

There’s little chance that his discount deal on your cherished wheels is going to do anything other than score you some brownie points. Don’t let him twist your arm by bringing up the favours of the past. Rather, opt for another player. 

Player #2 –  One offer Wanda

One-offer Wanda

You pop onto an online dealership platform to see what they can offer you when in pops Wanda; whooshing in with a strong presence and even stronger perfume. Her trendy fashion sense and woke demeanour make her quite intimidating. 

“I hear you’re selling your car!” she exclaims, with a know-it-all tone. “I can give you a really good offer.” 

With no other comparison offers on the table and a pile of paperwork to complete, you wonder if this is your best option. Stay in control of the game! Don’t rush in and accept Wanda’s one offer.

Player #3 – Trade-in Trevor

Trade-in Trevor

A flashy new car eyes you out in the showroom of a dealership. Trevor, the local car salesman, shows you all that these trendy new wheels can do. You’re sold! (Well, almost). You first need to find a way of selling your reliable old vehicle. A trade-in seems like an easy fix, but will you really get the best cash price?

A trade-in with friendly Trevor may seem like a quick way of selling your car, but it’s unlikely to give you the best bang for your buck since Trevor still needs to make a profit on your old car when it is sold. Plus, some cars just don’t trade in well. If you have an older car or a less popular model, it might fetch a smaller price. There must be a better way to bid farewell to your wheels.

Player #4 – Counter-offer Karen

Counter-offer Karen

Spotting a ‘Karen’ in the wild is no real challenge. Your binoculars quickly catch the circa 1969 Rod Stewart hairstyle before she releases the demanding call: “Can I speak to the manager?!” 

Her commanding presence immediately gets your attention (and anyone else within earshot).

Counter-offer Karen is determined to buy your car, but on her own terms. With buyers like these, there are bound to be after-sales issues (she’s likely to point out that ‘invisible’ scratch or that ‘non-existent’ noise). This is why selling your car privately is a sure risk

The ‘Karen’s’ of this world have their lawyers on speed dial, and these are stresses you can do without in your life. You don’t want to be responsible for after-sales repair costs and call backs.

Player #5 – Weelee man

Selling your car with Weelee Man

Cue the bells, whistles, applause and fanfare. The superhero of the car sales game has finally arrived! 🎇 

He’s called Weelee man and you really want him as your online avatar. He’s speedy,  tough and ready to lend a helping hand. Armed with a team of pre-approved and trusted dealers ready with multiple offers getting you the best cash price – he’s guaranteed to give you the top deal. With multiple offers per car, you’re not going to have a one-offer Wanda or counter-offer Karen trying to spoil the game.

Simply upload your vehicle on our safe and easy-to-navigate online platform before receiving a call from our team to share competitive offers. Since Weelee is rated #1 in customer service on Hello Peter, you’re sure to have a hassle-free, smooth ride to selling your car. 

When it comes to winning at the ‘sell my car’ game, opt to select Weelee Man as your best cash price hunter in your villain-defeating quest to make your childhood dreams come true. 

Choose the top contender when selling your car with Weelee to ensure you leave the arcade with the most cash in your pocket.

Game over!

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