Selling your car or bakkie should not stress you out!

Selling your car or bakkie online
Your life to-do list and daily grind are stressing you out. Work and family pressures are par for the course. Financial obligations, the rising petrol price and an economic downturn have us all feeling a tad flustered and overwhelmed. But here, at Weelee, we say that life is too short to stress about selling your car or bakkie. 

In fact, we are committed to a hassle-free Weelee experience when you choose to sell your car or bakkie on our innovatie platform. We also tick the simple, fast and safe boxes. 

So, stay calm and Weelee it!

Life is too short to stress about selling your car! 

The motivation to sell your car or bakkie may indeed be stressful, but once the decision is made, and you choose to Weelee it, the stress factor is removed. 

After you have uploaded your car in 3 simple steps, you can literally sit back and relax. 

selling your
 car or bakkie online

This is what is in store for you:

  • Need to sell your bakkie? No stress; we do all the heavy lifting for you. Second to a dog, a bakkie is a man’s best friend and so it is quite a wrench to have to sell yours. We are poised to do the hard work for you and get you the best deal possible. It’s that simple. 
  • We eliminate the queues! There is nothing that stresses South Africans out more than inefficiency and long queues. Selling your car or bakkie online with Weelee means no unnecessary waiting in line & no wasting of your time. In fact, with our customer-centric approach, you are always front-of-queue when you Weelee it! It’s simple and efficient – the way selling should be! 
  • We respect your time and schedule. Not only can you sell your car anywhere and anytime (from the beach, a mountaintop or coffee shop), but our process is so streamlined and hassle-free that you can still keep doing what you love. 
  • If you are emigrating, we step in the gap. Leaving your country, family and friends behind and moving overseas is a serious stressor. Selling your car or bakkie is one of the necessary logistics, but we are adamant that this must not add to your stress levels. We hear your cry, Help I’m emigrating and need to sell my car,” and our online consultants are ready to step in and simplify your life – just a little – and help you cross the ‘sell my car’ item off your to-do list. 

Life is too short to settle for less! 

Not only should selling your car or bakkie be a stress-free experience, but it should also result in you getting the best deal possible. 

selling your car or bakkie online

This is where Weeleeing it on our innovative online platform comes into its own. We can guarantee you the best cash price because we have 1000s of vetted and pre-approved dealers who will bid on your car over a 2-hour period. This means your car or bakkie has access to a competitive market, reputable industry leaders and more than one offer. 

When it comes to selling your car or bakkie online, your goal and our goal are the same – getting you the best price for your car and doing so simply, quickly and safely. You really have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

Life is definitely too short to stress – so stay calm and Weelee it; it’s the way selling should be!
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