Need to sell your car fast? Check out Weelee’s new drive-thru experience

Sell your car fast - Weelee's drive-thru experience
When looking to sell your car, Weelee’s simple, safe and successful online experience is loved by our customers who have got the best deal for their second-hand vehicles. But as a brand, we are constantly looking for ways to improve the overall customer experience. 

Convenience is always a priority and, for those living in Gauteng, “Weeleeing it’” now gives you an additional “instant” option. If you want to sell your car fast, then head over to our new drive-thru experience at Atterbury Value Mart in Pretoria. It’s all about “right here, right now!” 

Check out our innovative offline experience

The virtual world and options for selling second-hand vehicles online are still our efficient and effective selling mechanism, but sometimes a face-to-face, hands-on experience in the real world is exactly what we need. Cue the Weelee drive-thru experience – a novel and innovative alternative when you need to sell your car quickly. 

Our online experience is fast but – dare we say it? – if you happen to be in the area, our drive-thru experience is just as fast and a welcome option for those who appreciate the person-to-person interaction when doing a deal and a getting great offer as well as immediate payment. 

Sell your car fast - Weelee's new drive-thru experience

This is how the Weelee drive-thru experience works:

  1. VIsit us in Pretoria: After making the decision to sell your vehicle, head over to Atterbury Value Mart in Pretoria. You cannot miss our drive-thru offering in all its Weelee green glory. (Make sure you have the relevant documents with you.)
  2. Car Assessment: A Weelee expert will assess your car and give it the once over. You will be asked about the vehicle’s history and previous ownership.
  3. Test Drive: After the inspection, a Weelee consultant will take your car for a quick test drive.
  4. Get an obligation-free offer: Weelee will make you an offer which you can then accept on the spot. Weelee will buy your car with immediate payment and deal with all the paperwork.

(The Weelee drive-thru experience is open Monday to Friday from 08h00-17h00 and on Saturdays and public holidays from 08h00-15h00. If you require more information, please contact us on 076 770 5942).

The Weelee experience – it’s the way selling should be!

If you would prefer to get multiple offers for your second-hand vehicle, then the solution is just as hassle-free and convenient. Head over to our online platform where your car will get multiple offers from our 100’s of dealers who are waiting to bid on our car.

In fact, our satisfied customers cannot stop raving about our convenient, easy, safe and user-friendly online offering when they need to sell their cars fast. 

We’re just a click away!

Weelee it - Sell your car online for the best cash price
So take the plunge and sell your car with Weelee – South Africa’s fastest-growing car sales platform – either online or offline.

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