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There are certain cars that have an almost cult-like following. The Ford Fiesta ST is one of those. If you’ve owned one, you are likely to be obsessed with it; and if you’ve ever driven one, you have probably come under its spell. It’s hard to explain – but Ford fanatics are never at a loss for words when it comes to articulating what sets a Fiesta ST apart from its hot hatch peers. So when that day comes to sell your car – and it is a Fiesta ST – you can understand why you would need to choose an online platform that will honour the heritage of such a car and guarantee you the best price.  

Listen to Devon’s August 2020 story: ‘My 2013 spirit blue ST was my companion through Varsity and my first year of adulting in the working world. Purchased second hand in 2016, it is the story keeper of the last 4 years of my life and has many road trip memories etched into its 1.6l turbo-charged psyche. But the time had come and I needed to sell it. And so I thought, “Why not sell my car on Weelee?”’ 

Why not indeed!

Watching & Waiting

We were interested in what was going to happen and decided to follow Devon’s progress. (He was selling a Fiesta ST after all!) Said to become a future collectable, our Weelee team were super eager to find out what a car with a high-performance reputation and off-the-chart cool factor was likely to go for on our online bidding platform.

If you are new to Weelee, read all about our magic formula and our 1000’s of pre-approved dealers ready to bid when you sell your car with us.   

Devon had done his homework and was told that the max trade-in value he could get for his beloved ST would be R110 000. A competitor car selling platform had offered him the same amount. Now it was Weelee’s turn. Would we deliver on our promise of guaranteeing the best cash price when selling your car with us? 

After reading our helpful tips to get his car ready, Devon then followed our simple steps and uploaded his car on our platform. He then sat back and watched and waited for the bids to start coming in. 10 minutes before the deadline, the highest bid was only sitting at R102 000 – disappointing to be sure – but hang in there. Five minutes before the end of the bidding time, 2 dealers fought it out, like a duel. As the closing bell sounded, the final bid came in at a whopping R143 000!!! 

That, too, can be your nail-biting thrill of a ride when you sell your car on Weelee! 

Winning with Weelee

There is really not much more to say. Weelee is delighted to welcome Devon to our ‘sell car club’ – a club as prestigious as the Fiesta ST fan club! 

If you are looking to sell your car for the best price, Weelee promises a safe, hassle-free and obligation-free online platform, and the best price, guaranteed.  

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